Bulk generating calendar events with Applescript

Published 2016-12-17

Sometimes you want to create calendar events which differ in predictable ways such as "Read/do chapter/session/workout x".

A trivial problem for a programmer but basically impossible with the stock macOS calendar or third-party tools such as Fantastical as far as I can tell. They can have complex recurrence rules but all deviations per event are a manual process it seems.

So here is an Applescript script I quickly googled together for your convenience to create thirty events each containing an integer reference. Adjust as necessary.

tell application "Calendar"
    --- date() uses your localized date formatting.
    set theCurrentDate to date ("17.12.2016 09:00")
    set i to 1
    repeat while i < 31
        tell calendar "Home"
            make new event at end with properties {description:"", summary:"My task - Day " & i, location:"", start date:theCurrentDate, end date:theCurrentDate + 60 * minutes}
        end tell
        set i to i + 1
        set theCurrentDate to theCurrentDate + (1 * days)
    end repeat
    reload calendars
end tell

The script has obvious limitations with the hardcoded values it contains. A more flexible solution would use dialogs to ascertain the number of events, starting date, calendar to use, or event details.

I'm just content I don't have to keep adding individual events by hand to get this done.

Tags: macos, applescript