GTD: Processing email on iOS

If you are a GTD’ler and using a Mac there is a good chance that you are using OmniFocus. On that machine processing your email and throwing it into the OmniFocus inbox is a great way to getting to Inbox Zero and still responding quickly and easily right within the message thread.

This is made possible because OmniFocus uses message:// links to open the archived message in the note, They are embedded when the message is dragged into an OmniFocus window or if you used the Clip-o-Tron.

In an ideal world the same would happen on iOS as well with the share sheet. It doesn’t. However, there are third-party solutions to make that possible.

I’ve been using Dispatch for the last few months and can definitively recommend that to get that setup working. Just make sure that you select the proper link protocol in the settings (i.e. message://).

I’ve rarely had issues with Dispatch but I recommend keeping the stock email client set up as well and just choosing notifications for your preferred one. My personal preference is no notifications except for a very short list of VIP accounts from the stock accounts. The stock client is also helpful if the rendering of Dispatch isn’t perfect or if an attachment fails.

Now you don’t have an excuse anymore for scrolling through the same dozen messages on your mobile and not doing anything about it. ✉️🔨