Switching from Drupal to Spress


This site was powered by Drupal for a full decade. It went through Drupal 5, 6, 7 and 8, but it’s outlived its usefulness in that form. I think it might have even begun as a 4.7 site.


My reasons for switching to a static site generator are quite plain but highlight my shifting needs:


My choice fell on Spress even though it’s not that prevalent (yet), since it uses the stack I’ve come to appreciate everywhere else: Symfony, Twig, Composer.

Converting data is straightfoward and easy. Just write a quick script to fetch all nodes and output their fields as desired.

League’s HTML-to-Markdown library easily converted CKEditor HTML with only minor corrections necessary afterwards.

Then just write it to a file with fopen/fwrite/fclose. Yes, of course that could be done more elegantly, but for a single migration it works fine.

Along the way I pruned the content back to what could still be considered tangentially relevant. I look forward to seeing if this will make posts here more frequent, as I expect, the opposite, or neither.