D8 PSA: Don’t use Multiversion (yet)

The deploy suite is an interesting suite of modules, which makes it possible to revision content in such a way that it becomes deployable across different sites or workspaces.

Also, it makes it possible to move the CRUD model Drupal runs under into a CRAP model, which anyone will appreciate who has ever gotten a call from a customer who just deleted a dozen nodes.

To make all that possible, basically all entities need adjustments to their storage base. That is not a trivial task and especially with complex contrib modules such as ECK, Field Collections, etc. the list of problematic and complex cases rises.

Looking at the current dev state and the last release as of this writing (alpha10), many of those complex cases are not yet supported. Field collections seems broken, content translation has problems with taxonomy terms and many other minor and major bugs are present.

Also, you should beware from using multiversion since not only is enabling it tricky (migrate all content to a temp storage and back), the same applies to uninstalling and it can leave you stranded with a broken system.

So, wait at least until the first beta is out.